Fakeham Lidnet

The Fakeham Lidnet is a digital voice net that takes place every Thursday at 9:30 PM EST on Brandmeister Talkgroup 98003 (Redditnet). You can also join via Echolink link W5RI-L, AllStarLink node 48224, or XLX216 D-Star module E.

Lidnet Bingo

Lidnet bingo card by N0ES

The Fakeham Lidnet started as a joke, a commotion of nonsense between a few hams that enjoy DMR but don’t take it too seriously (DMR iSnT ReAl hAm RaDiO). The first official directed Fakeham Lidnet was on May 2, 2019 and the net has been happening almost every week since. It is a laid back net, with no real purpose other than to be silly and poke fun at some ham radio stereotypes, and it’s not uncommon for participants to enjoy a beverage (or three) during the course of the net. The companion to the Fakeham Lidnet is the #fakehams IRC channel on the Geekshed network, where most net participants will chat and berate net control.

There is also a video meet that starts about an hour before the net, runs alongside it, and continues after the net ends as Lidnet After Dark.  Turn on your webcam and join us. 

The Fakeham Lidnet is directed, with net control going through the list of checkins with several rounds of questions, and a pause for more checkins after every round. The net typically lasts 30-60 minutes. Common topics/questions for the net:

  • What are you drinking?
  • This Week in Lidnet History
  • “Next Week’s Question,” a question asked by net control that net participants will answer the following week
  • The Lightning Round/Debate Round, a question or debate topic asked of the net with no advanced notice
  • Other questions sprinkled in

There are a few notable memes within the Lidnet sphere of influence.  In one of the first nets, WO9B checked out abruptly, explaining he had to “go to the post office”… at 9PM.  He came back before the net ended, and activating post offices achieved meme status when VK3DAN activated five separate Australian post offices during the course of one Lidnet in 2019. 

WO9B is also responsible for the “powerforcing your bum” and “keep the toilet paper clean side out” memes, and we’ve never received an explanation for either.  The net is not taken seriously and the tone is apparent if you monitor the net for more than a few minutes. More lids are always welcome, points are awarded for creativity*, and a winner is announced every week**.

* Everything is made up and the points don’t matter.
**Everybody on Lidnet is a loser, even the winners.